Marketing has become a very important and effective part of any business, in fact a huge chunk of investment is put aside for marketing endeavors due to its amazing return on investments. Although marketing is a very diverse department, visual printing is a very pivotal part of it.

The more your brand is out there, visible to the people, the more they will tend to remember it. Digital printing technology has seen exponential growth because it always allows brands to have high resolution images printed on just about any material. These prints are produced with eco-solvent printers that allow you to have digital, custom graphics that can be slapped on various surfaces.

One of the most used printing processes is the dye sublimation printing, it is done on fabric mainly with high content of polyester. These fabric banners are quite multipurpose which means you can use them for displays, trade shows, graphic products and for visual merchandising.

The process of dye sublimation is what the name suggests where high levels of heat are used to transfer solids directly into gases without going through the liquid stage. The dye sublimation process is basically a 2 part process where you mainly need a few sublimation supplies to get the best results- a high-resolution, large format printer, transfer paper, heat press and sublimation printing ink. With these sublimation supplies the sky’s your limit and you can print graphics which are vibrant, vivid and visually amazing and crowd pulling!

How To Dye Sublimation Printed Fabric Banners on Displays?

In order to get started with your dye sublimation print journey, you first need to understand the fabric material that is best suited for the job.

  1. Fabrics

The best, most suited fabric for the job is 100% polyester fabrics but you can also go with a mixed fabric but it should have a higher content of polyester in it. The polyester fabric has a high heat rate which allows it to transfer the image better, if you use a 100% cotton fabric it will not have the same vivid image and will also burn during the process of turning the solid image into gas.

The fabric that you choose can be either a sturdy, textured and hard wearing one for places like exterior signage, upholstery and stands or it can be a soft woven one for drapes, flags, backdrops, table covers or cushions. These fabrics are great for wholesale sign supplies as they are economical, customizable, long wearing and good in quality.

  1. Printer

Now that you have your choice of fabric for the job, you now need to have a large font, high resolution printer that has software to design and process your digital images for printing. PerfectCut Vinyl offers a range of printers that have RIP software in order to have a complete compatibility with the printing process.

For a graphic company to make dye sublimation wholesale sign supplies in the most cost effective way is to have not only a rotary blade to cut and seal the material but also a plotter to get the accurate design on the fabric that can further be cut and sewn for the final results. Once the image is printed on to the fabric you need to have it sewn to henned for that perfect finish otherwise it won’t look professional. You can have a manual sewing machine for woven materials and an automatic sewing machine for sturdy fabrics.

  1. Heat Press

Now comes the most fun part of the process which is also the last part, heating and transferring of the ink onto the transfer paper. You need to have a temperature of around 350 to 400 Fahrenheit in order for the transferring process to be quick and fruitful.

Once you have that temperature, you just need to moderately press for around 1 minute to effectively transfer the ink onto the fabric from the transfer paper. You may think that this part of the process is daunting or you can mess up here but trust me, it is the coolest thing and the image turns out to be so colorful, vibrant and vivid.

Dye Sublimation Benefits

The first and the most obvious benefit is getting high-quality images for your brand or business which can be very effective in putting out the message. Along with that, dye sublimation images are very long lasting, can be reused several times and are easy to fold and store.

There will be no harm like bubbles or crack to the image once it is completely set. On top of that, the images don’t fade as well, so no matter how long ago you got them printed, they will be great to use each time.


We all know how important it is to have the best image of your brand out there so that people remember it and feel confident in it each time they see it. Dye sublimation of fabrics is a technique that has gained popularity due to its amazing results, cost effectiveness and long wearing, so don’t falter behind and jump on the bandwagon!